Workers' Comp Costs

Three Steps to Controlling Your Workers’ Comp Costs

Workers’ Compensation can be a large cost center for a business. The extent depends on the type of business and the state where the business is located. The cost to insure a single employee making $30,000 per year can range from less than $100 (for a clerical worker) to around $1,400 (for a restaurant worker) to more than $10,000 (for a roofing worker). For employers in industries that require dangerous work, limiting Workers’ Comp costs is vital. This article outlines three things you can do.

OSHA and Small Business

Small Business Guide to OSHA Compliance

Regardless of size, all businesses should make every effort insure a safe workplace for their employees. When Congress passed the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) they made it clear that their intention was to ensure that every working individual in the nation would have healthful and safe working conditions. Nearly all workplaces must comply with OSHA. Hospitals, offices of charities, private schools, labor unions, restaurants, construction companies, law firms, manufacturers and many more types of businesses must follow OSHA’s regulations.