Safety Management System

What Makes An Effective Safety Management System

A safety management system is a comprehensive and explicit process for mitigating safety risks. It includes important tasks such as planning performances, measuring success, setting goals and adjusting criteria. It is a formal way of measuring performance and comparing it to planned requirements for success. The main emphasis on the system is improvement, and there are often defined ways to make continual changes until goals have been met. In a recent Journey to Safety Excellence publication, the National Safety Council encouraged organizations across the country to use safety management systems. In the publication, experts highlighted the benefits and some basic concepts of these systems.

Effective Safety Management Systems 

For a system to be effective, it must help reduce the risk of accidents, fatalities and injuries in the workplace. To do this, the system relies on data-driven measurements. Another essential component of an effective system is worker engagement. There should be tools for involving people in the process of safety management to form a strong partnership, which should include sharing of responsibility. This gives everyone a vested interest in helping and changing for the better. Also, it helps build teamwork.

The system must also be designed to ensure a high level of safety standard maintenance. It should be compliant with the latest regulations that are related to the specific industry as well as business in general. The design of the system should be proactive, and there must be integration tools that allow it to adapt to the organization’s unique culture.

Safety Management System Help From The National Safety Council

The National Safety Council provides system assessments for organizations. This process is a systematic approach that was carefully developed through trial and error. It has been finely tuned to include a multi-faceted approach for measuring points of effectiveness in managing risks, and it also provides a comprehensive look at the root of all issues leading to any deficiencies. 

The NSC’s Journey to Safety Excellence was designed to offer continual improvement based on research and solutions that have proven records of effectiveness. Any small or large organization has its own set of safety risks and experts pointed out that all organizations should take the time to look over their current system and consider an assessment. Safety risks eventually lead to accidents, which are costly in the form of worker’s compensation and higher insurance premiums. To learn more about these assessments and how to protect a business from costly injury claims, seek advice from an insurance agent.

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